Hi there! I thought I’d have some Halloween fun with this post since All Hallows’ Eve is coming up.

This is Eva, but I’m going to pretend to be Hugo as I write this because he made a really useful video right before he went on leave for anyone who previously used Proctorio for online proctoring but is now using Honorlock. I’m highlighting his video for him in case anyone is having these issues.

I also have a bonus treat for you at the end of this post if you are getting started with using Honorlock in your course.

The Issues

Not only is this photo of me superimposed onto Hugo’s photo haunting, but Proctorio could be haunting your Honorlock exams!

Basically, if you’ve used Proctorio on any past exams, you and your students will have issues using Honorlock if you have the Proctorio Chrome extension installed in your Chrome browser. There could also be a hidden Proctorio element lurking in the HTML that’s preventing Honorlock from working properly. But no need to worry; Hugo’s video will show you how to “ghostbust,” or fix, these ghastly issues without getting slimed!
Ghostbusters movie no-ghost symbol

The Fixes

  1. To fix the Chrome extension issue, both you and your students should delete the Proctorio Chrome extension from your Chrome browser if you have it installed.
  2. To fix the HTML issue, you’ll temporarily go into the HTML editor of the exam and remove the Proctorio code. Luckily, you don’t need to know HTML for this fix.

Watch Hugo’s short video below to see step-by-step how to ghostbust Proctorio from your Honorlock exams once and for all with a no-slime guarantee or your money back! 😉

For additional details on using Honorlock in Canvas for high-stakes exams, visit our Honorlock page in the Canvas Faculty Center, or read about “The Bonus Treat” below.

For STUDENTS having issues, please direct them to the Honorlock page in the Mountie Student Hub for information on deleting the Proctorio Chrome extension. 

NOTE: Instructors and students may contact Honorlock Support at anytime. Honorlock Support is the best resource for students DURING an exam.

Bonus Treat

Trick-or-treating or not, we have a bonus treat for you: A newly released, online, self-paced Honorlock Workshop in POD Connect. We recorded the live, vendor-led Honorlock workshop held prior to the start of fall; Michelle chunked the recording into shorter segments; and she added learning checks throughout. This self-paced, online training can be taken for one hour of credit. 

If you have any trouble with the link to the Honorlock Workshop, follow the steps below to access it in POD Connect:

1. Click the POD Connect Calendar button from the POD website.

POD Connect Calendar button from POD website

2. Login to POD Connect with your single sign-on (portal) credentials.

Single Sign-On Login

3. Search for honorlock workshop in the upper-right search box.

Search for honorlock workshop

4. Click Honorlock Workshop from the list of results, and click the Launch button.

Select Honorlock Workshop

That’s all for this FCLT News Byte. Let us know if it was helpful in the comments below.
Happy Halloween!

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