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Welcoming Students Back

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The Class Welcome Message Sending students a welcome message reminds them that the course is beginning and they are enrolled, calms anxieties for some students, opens communication, and prompts others to pay attention to the tasks they need to do to get on track as the term begins. It can also be an important step…Continue Reading Welcoming Students Back

Welcome Back for Fall 2021!


Hi there Professor! Welcome back for Fall Semester 2021! As you return to campus along with your students this fall, we want to offer you a warm welcome and wishes for a good experience in the upcoming term. Even though campus is reopening, we want to acknowledge that there are still challenges for both our…Continue Reading Welcome Back for Fall 2021!

Fall 2021 Tool Line-Up Take 2 & Workshops!

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Fall term is just around the corner, and we’ve planned several workshops to help you learn new and newish tools in Canvas! The Fall Line-Up New Tools HARMONIZE is an enhanced discussions tool with plagiarism checking, multiple due date options, and more! Sign up for our workshop in POD Connect on Friday Aug 13 10-11am…Continue Reading Fall 2021 Tool Line-Up Take 2 & Workshops!