InstructureCon 2021

I attended the InstructureCon online conference yesterday, Thursday, Oct. 7. To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about it this year for some reason; however, their badging system got me really into it, and I’m so glad I attended.

I heard inspiring keynotes from Dr. Knatokie Ford and Will.I.Am; learned some really helpful information that I’ll share with you in this post; took a selfie (#nofilter as you can tell) with my hula panda from InstructureCon 2019; earned all my badges; and am looking forward to receiving my free Canvas swag! (I love getting free stuff, haha.)

Canvas Studio Updates

I’m working on an online, self-paced version of the live workshop, Easy & Engaging Videos with Canvas Studio, that I’ve led a few times, so I was eager to attend the Canvas Studio Updates breakout during the conference to keep up with those changes which include (drumroll, please…)

Recent Updates

Studio logo
  • Chromebook Compatibility
  • Media Annotations
  • WCAG2.1 Compliance
  • Admin Analytics
  • Vimeo Support

Updates Coming by the End of 2021

  • Sharing to Custom Groups
  • Zoom Integration
  • Improved Media Insights
  • Extended Public API

Vimeo Support

I’m most excited about the Vimeo update. It’s ironic that Canvas has it’s own videos on Vimeo, but Studio was only supporting YouTube videos. I’m so happy that they’re expanding the external sources from which you can stream videos in Studio!

Adding a Vimeo video to Studio is similar to adding a YouTube video:

1. Click on the share button in the upper right of a Vimeo video.
Vimeo Share button

2. Right-click (CTRL+click on a mac) on the link below the Share icons, and select “Copy link address.”

Copy link address

3. Paste the link in the Studio +Add pop-up.

Paste Vimeo link in Studio

The Process for Studio Updates

The Canvas presenter also provided an overview of their process for collecting user feedback (including how you can submit feedback) and determining which updates to make as well as the next updates on their roadmap after 2021.

Missed InstructureCon?

No worries if you missed the conference. All keynotes and sessions were recorded and have been shared on their website (links to watch below):

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