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Our Words Make a Difference

I listened to this TED Talk recently, How everyday interactions shape your future, in which Mesmin Destin presents research that shows how strongly we are affected by the things that people say about our education and career interests. After listening to this talk, I reflected on my own path and the discouragement that I received…Continue Reading Our Words Make a Difference

Highlights from the 2023 CCC LGBTQ+ Conference

This year, I was fortunate to get to attend the 5th Annual CCC LGBTQ+ Conference. The conference theme for 2023 was “Fiercer Together: uplifting queer and trans students on our campuses.” Throughout the California Community Colleges, support has expanded for LGBTQ+ students, bolstered by the recent, one-time allocation of $10 million dollars in the Postsecondary…Continue Reading Highlights from the 2023 CCC LGBTQ+ Conference

Want Students To Watch Your Videos?

Kona Jones presenting virtually

At InstructureCon 2021 , I attended Kona Jones’s session, How to Get Students to Watch Your Videos. I’m a big fan of Kona’s. She is Director of the Teaching & Learning Center at Richland Community College in Decatur, IL, adjunct professor of Statistics and formerly of Developmental Psychology, and a Canvas Community Coach. I’ve attended her…Continue Reading Want Students To Watch Your Videos?

Welcome Home: Course Card & Home Page Tips for Humanizing

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Photo by LeeAnn Cline on Unsplash The Presentation This fall, I signed up for CVC and @ONE’s Fall into Humanized Online Teaching: A Pathway to Equity series. The series consists of bi-monthly sessions on Fridays from September to November. The remaining sessions may be taken a la carte with no deadline to register. What’s more, a la…Continue Reading Welcome Home: Course Card & Home Page Tips for Humanizing

Encouraging Help-Seeking Behavior

How Can You Encourage Students to Use Help Resources? As you prepare your materials for spring term, consider how you incorporate student resources and what language you use to encourage help-seeking behavior with your students. Taking steps to support awareness of available student resources is especially useful in the remote teaching format. The FCLT’s surveys…Continue Reading Encouraging Help-Seeking Behavior

New Year, New Canvas Help Options!

  Changes to Canvas Help  Beginning January 1st 2021 Canvas changed their technical support model for colleges. The biggest change: Canvas removed phone-based technical support for students and replaced it with a 24/7 live chat option. Professors continue to have Canvas phone support and now have a live chat option as well. For a few…Continue Reading New Year, New Canvas Help Options!