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Make Group Projects Easier with Pronto

Pronto logo over diverse students' hands collaborating on laptop

Do you ask students to work together on any type of course project? Then you should check out Pronto! This versatile and simple tool flexibly supports group coordination and helps you manage group projects. Peer collaboration is a great practice in all types of classes, but Canvas doesn’t have the greatest tools to support group…Continue Reading Make Group Projects Easier with Pronto

RSI Round-Up: Part 2

In RSI Round-Up: Part 1, I highlighted a few previous blog posts. In our transition from our old blog platform to Edublogs, some posts hadn’t been marked as RSI. Below, I’m including additional blog posts that we’ve written about RSI topics. What’s a new-to-you RSI strategy that you’d like to try? Did we miss one…Continue Reading RSI Round-Up: Part 2

RSI Round-Up: Part 1

As you may have heard, the ACCJC Review Team completed an off-site technical review of our 2024 ISER as part of the accreditation process and identified Ensuring Regular and Substantive Interaction in Distance Education Courses as one of the Core Inquiries, or areas of focus, for their in-person site visit in February 2024. We, the…Continue Reading RSI Round-Up: Part 1

Creating Collaborative Moments that Engage Students

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This week’s blog post talks about the value of creating moments of collaboration between students through short, formative activities. Get some ideas for simple ways to add interactivity that can get students engaged with one another and with your course content!…Continue Reading Creating Collaborative Moments that Engage Students