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DEI Collaborative

At the Peralta Equity Conference in 2022, I attended a session about the DEI Collaborative. I loved what they were doing and signed up to participate. The DEI Collaborative is a cross-institution project to connect quality course design standards to best practices for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion so they can be cross-referenced. Here’s a short…Continue Reading DEI Collaborative

Being Creatively Predictable for Online Student Success

RSI with Creative Predictability The “regular” in regular and substantive interaction (RSI) emphasizes that courses taught online are best organized in a predictable way. Distance learning professors probably know this already quite well. A predictably organized course helps online students even more than those in face-to-face classes, and especially those in asynchronous classes, because of…Continue Reading Being Creatively Predictable for Online Student Success

Teaching & Learning Experts @ the FCLT

With the start of the Spring semester I would like to first introduce myself to all of you in a role that is new to the Mt. SAC community, Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology. I come to this position with a little over 10 years serving in various positions in the CCC System,…Continue Reading Teaching & Learning Experts @ the FCLT