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GIFs: Fun and Quick, But Not Always Accessible

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GIFs, or Graphics Interchange Format, have become a popular way to express emotions, reactions, and ideas on the internet. I know you’ve all experienced GIFs before. We are living in the meme generation, and some of the most fun ways to interact with others is through the sharing of memes via animated GIFs. Heck, popular…Continue Reading GIFs: Fun and Quick, But Not Always Accessible

Worth 1,000 Words: Image Tips & Resources

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I love using imagery to bring content to life, and I’m so grateful for the plethora of free resources available these days. In this post, I will highlight image tips and resources with considerations not only for aesthetics but also for accessibility and DEISA∞. Image Tips from @ONE Watch this Byte-Sized Canvas video from @ONE’s…Continue Reading Worth 1,000 Words: Image Tips & Resources

PDF + Accessibility = Frustration

The Equation Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash You value student equity; you’ve learned about the principles of creating accessible content for your online courses; you understand that the Canvas accessibility checker will not check files that you add to your course; you’ve spent the time to make your documents, slides, and spreadsheets accessible; and you’ve…Continue Reading PDF + Accessibility = Frustration