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News Bytes Weekly | Issue 5

WHAT’S INSIDE THIS ISSUE?  Accreditation Forum: Distance Learning & RSI  New Accessibility Tool in Canvas! Alternative Formats  Easier Access to Canvas Support  Discussion Alternative: Perusall + OpenStax Texts  Blog Spotlight: Pope Tech – Expand your Accessibility Arsenal  Appointments for Instructional Design Help  In Case You Missed It  1. ACCREDITATION FORUM: DISTANCE LEARNING & RSI  Join…Continue Reading News Bytes Weekly | Issue 5

Incredible Embeddables to Expand Course Engagement!

Embedding content in Canvas can be an easy way to add more interactive and engaging elements in a course. What is embedding? How do you do it? What kinds of activities and interaction can be embedded in Canvas? Read on to learn more! What is Embedding? A Window to Another Website Embedding is a way…Continue Reading Incredible Embeddables to Expand Course Engagement!

PDF + Accessibility = Frustration

The Equation Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash You value student equity; you’ve learned about the principles of creating accessible content for your online courses; you understand that the Canvas accessibility checker will not check files that you add to your course; you’ve spent the time to make your documents, slides, and spreadsheets accessible; and you’ve…Continue Reading PDF + Accessibility = Frustration