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Welcoming Students Back

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The Class Welcome Message Sending students a welcome message reminds them that the course is beginning and they are enrolled, calms anxieties for some students, opens communication, and prompts others to pay attention to the tasks they need to do to get on track as the term begins. It can also be an important step…Continue Reading Welcoming Students Back

Canvas Insider: Canvas Release Notes Now Inside Canvas!

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Canvas Insider is a regular blog series from FCLT News Bytes that highlights changes in Canvas and Canvas tools at Mt. SAC. We recently debuted the Canvas Insiderblog post series, and the maiden post mentioned where and how Instructure, Inc. shares release updates to its users about Canvas. The process of finding Canvas updates that…Continue Reading Canvas Insider: Canvas Release Notes Now Inside Canvas!

Faculty Facilitators & Online Teaching Technology Support

Need One-on-One Help? Try the Faculty Facilitators! The Faculty Facilitators are here to serve you again this semester and now the process is simpler! Contact the Faculty Facilitators at with your questions. Seven Mt. SAC professor peers who are experienced in online teaching, course design, and Canvas will reach out to to help you solve…Continue Reading Faculty Facilitators & Online Teaching Technology Support

Encouraging Help-Seeking Behavior

How Can You Encourage Students to Use Help Resources? As you prepare your materials for spring term, consider how you incorporate student resources and what language you use to encourage help-seeking behavior with your students. Taking steps to support awareness of available student resources is especially useful in the remote teaching format. The FCLT’s surveys…Continue Reading Encouraging Help-Seeking Behavior

New Year, New Canvas Help Options!

  Changes to Canvas Help  Beginning January 1st 2021 Canvas changed their technical support model for colleges. The biggest change: Canvas removed phone-based technical support for students and replaced it with a 24/7 live chat option. Professors continue to have Canvas phone support and now have a live chat option as well. For a few…Continue Reading New Year, New Canvas Help Options!

Winter (Semester) is Coming! If You’re Teaching this Winter, You’ll Want to Read This!

What to Know for Winter 2021 Courses This week, Mt. SAC’s Winter course shells rolled out in Canvas. Before you start to build your courses, you may want to read this post with the biggest updates and reminders that can help you make the most of your prep time! Cross-list Updates! Crosslist requests are made in the IT…Continue Reading Winter (Semester) is Coming! If You’re Teaching this Winter, You’ll Want to Read This!

Self-Help Advice that WORKS!

People will often times tell me that I am a “great resource”. Whether directly, or through appreciative comments, such as “Wow! You always have the answers to my questions!”. It is a very kind thing to hear, yes, but it is also very important that I bring myself down to Earth for a moment and…Continue Reading Self-Help Advice that WORKS!

Introducing FCLT News Bytes!

Welcome to the our blog! Here on FCLT News Bytes, we’ll share “byte”-sized posts to help you improve course design, discover features in Canvas, explore instructional technology tools, and find resources to support your teaching whether it’s in person, hybrid, or online! You can see our blog posts several ways: subscribe (in the footer) to…Continue Reading Introducing FCLT News Bytes!