Make Group Projects Easier with Pronto

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Do you ask students to work together on any type of course project? Then you should check out Pronto! This versatile and simple tool flexibly supports group coordination and helps you manage group projects. Peer collaboration is a great practice in all types of classes, but Canvas doesn’t have the greatest tools to support group…Continue Reading Make Group Projects Easier with Pronto

RSI Round-Up: Part 2

In RSI Round-Up: Part 1, I highlighted a few previous blog posts. In our transition from our old blog platform to Edublogs, some posts hadn’t been marked as RSI. Below, I’m including additional blog posts that we’ve written about RSI topics. What’s a new-to-you RSI strategy that you’d like to try? Did we miss one…Continue Reading RSI Round-Up: Part 2

RSI Round-Up: Part 1

As you may have heard, the ACCJC Review Team completed an off-site technical review of our 2024 ISER as part of the accreditation process and identified Ensuring Regular and Substantive Interaction in Distance Education Courses as one of the Core Inquiries, or areas of focus, for their in-person site visit in February 2024. We, the…Continue Reading RSI Round-Up: Part 1

GIFs: Fun and Quick, But Not Always Accessible

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GIFs, or Graphics Interchange Format, have become a popular way to express emotions, reactions, and ideas on the internet. I know you’ve all experienced GIFs before. We are living in the meme generation, and some of the most fun ways to interact with others is through the sharing of memes via animated GIFs. Heck, popular…Continue Reading GIFs: Fun and Quick, But Not Always Accessible

Sometimes The Best Things in Life are Free

Today marks the end of the annual Open Education Week – a time of global awareness-raising, training and outreach about Open Educational Resources (OER). At Mt. SAC we have a several initiatives that support the adoption and creation of OER, so let’s take some time to briefly go over why OER are critical for student…Continue Reading Sometimes The Best Things in Life are Free

DEI Collaborative

At the Peralta Equity Conference in 2022, I attended a session about the DEI Collaborative. I loved what they were doing and signed up to participate. The DEI Collaborative is a cross-institution project to connect quality course design standards to best practices for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion so they can be cross-referenced. Here’s a short…Continue Reading DEI Collaborative

Thank you, professors!

Thank you professors for all you do!

Thank you for all you do for our students, our colleagues, and our college. Here’s a quirky, feel-good video from Kid President. If you haven’t seen his videos, I recommend them for a little laughter and a little inspiration (for you and/or your students). You may also watch Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and…Continue Reading Thank you, professors!

Our Words Make a Difference

I listened to this TED Talk recently, How everyday interactions shape your future, in which Mesmin Destin presents research that shows how strongly we are affected by the things that people say about our education and career interests. After listening to this talk, I reflected on my own path and the discouragement that I received…Continue Reading Our Words Make a Difference

Highlights from the 2023 CCC LGBTQ+ Conference

This year, I was fortunate to get to attend the 5th Annual CCC LGBTQ+ Conference. The conference theme for 2023 was “Fiercer Together: uplifting queer and trans students on our campuses.” Throughout the California Community Colleges, support has expanded for LGBTQ+ students, bolstered by the recent, one-time allocation of $10 million dollars in the Postsecondary…Continue Reading Highlights from the 2023 CCC LGBTQ+ Conference

Free Access to The Chronicle of Higher Education

magnified view of Sign In link on The Chronicle of Higher Education

Did you know that as a Mt. SAC employee, you have full access to The Chronicle of Higher Education? That’s right! Mt. SAC has a site license, so all employees have 100% free access. According to The Chronicle’s FAQ page, [our] site license includes access to: The Chronicle’s content, daily news, and data. Articles and essays dating…Continue Reading Free Access to The Chronicle of Higher Education

Accessibility & Video in Online Math Courses

I recently attended two sessions by the Online Network of Educators (@ONE): one on accessibility for online math courses and the other on using video in online math courses. There were lots of great resources and tools shared at these sessions which I’ll highlight below. Students First! Accessibility for STEM (Math) This session was led…Continue Reading Accessibility & Video in Online Math Courses