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Is Proctorio Haunting Your Honorlock Exams? (+Bonus Treat)

Eva's face superimposed onto Hugo's

Hi there! I thought I’d have some Halloween fun with this post since All Hallows’ Eve is coming up. This is Eva, but I’m going to pretend to be Hugo as I write this because he made a really useful video right before he went on leave for anyone who previously used Proctorio for online…Continue Reading Is Proctorio Haunting Your Honorlock Exams? (+Bonus Treat)

New Year, New Canvas Help Options!

  Changes to Canvas Help  Beginning January 1st 2021 Canvas changed their technical support model for colleges. The biggest change: Canvas removed phone-based technical support for students and replaced it with a 24/7 live chat option. Professors continue to have Canvas phone support and now have a live chat option as well. For a few…Continue Reading New Year, New Canvas Help Options!

Self-Help Advice that WORKS!

People will often times tell me that I am a “great resource”. Whether directly, or through appreciative comments, such as “Wow! You always have the answers to my questions!”. It is a very kind thing to hear, yes, but it is also very important that I bring myself down to Earth for a moment and…Continue Reading Self-Help Advice that WORKS!

Introducing FCLT News Bytes!

Welcome to the our blog! Here on FCLT News Bytes, we’ll share “byte”-sized posts to help you improve course design, discover features in Canvas, explore instructional technology tools, and find resources to support your teaching whether it’s in person, hybrid, or online! You can see our blog posts several ways: subscribe (in the footer) to…Continue Reading Introducing FCLT News Bytes!