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What’s inside this issue?

  • New Weekly Newsletter
  • Dark Mode Accessibility Issues
  • Managing Multiple Courses in Canvas
  • Self-Care Tips for YOU!
  • In Case You Missed It

New Weekly Newsletter

by Eva Figueroa

You spoke. We listened. In our faculty survey this past spring, the most common way that you wanted to receive communications from FCLT was via short weekly emails. Voilà! We’ve created this newsletter to serve that purpose. We’ll keep things short and sweet to give you an overview of FCLT happenings and helpful info. Happy skimming!

Dark Mode Accessibility Issues

by Katie Datko

The Canvas Mobile App has a new Dark Mode. Some students might have difficulty accessing content on the Canvas Mobile App if there is CidiLab content or if their device is set to ‘dark mode’. You can check out this video how-to (care of Gregory Beyrer from Cosumnes CC) or check out these screenshot/text-based instructions to change app settings back to light-mode. Please make certain to pass this along to your students!

Managing Multiple Courses in Canvas

by Katie Datko

Check out Hugo’s easy steps for managing course content in Canvas!

Self-Care Tips for YOU!

by Katie Datko

The start of the semester always brings excitement and new energy to our teaching practice. Don’t forget, though, to make time for yourself! Check out these ideas that include both teaching and wellness suggestions!

In Case You Missed It

by Eva Figueroa

If you missed our first newsletter, check your email or click here for Issue 1 of FCLT Fall 2022 News Bytes Weekly.

Use creative course design strategies and tools to provide engaging experiences for students without taking up a disproportionate amount of your time.

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