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Demystifying the “Substantive” of Regular & Substantive Interaction (RSI)

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Did you know that Merriam-Webster has a Word of the Day podcast? I learned this as I was searching for the dictionary definition of “substantive” and synonyms for “substantive.” Due to it’s spelling, I assumed that it was closest in meaning to “substantial,” but it is actually closer to “significant.” Here’s the Word of the…Continue Reading Demystifying the “Substantive” of Regular & Substantive Interaction (RSI)

RSI Round-Up: Part 1

As you may have heard, the ACCJC Review Team completed an off-site technical review of our 2024 ISER as part of the accreditation process and identified Ensuring Regular and Substantive Interaction in Distance Education Courses as one of the Core Inquiries, or areas of focus, for their in-person site visit in February 2024. We, the…Continue Reading RSI Round-Up: Part 1