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EDUCAUSE is the leading nonprofit organization on technology in higher education with over 85,000 members from over 2,000 educational institutions. And Mt. SAC is an EDUCAUSE member! What does that mean for you? That’s what this post is about!

What does EDUCAUSE offer to faculty?

EDUCAUSE offers training, informative reporting, and programs that support technological innovation by professors. Here are a few highlights:

  • PROFESSIONAL LEARNING Take advantage of free monthly EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Webinars for members, which include many teaching and learning topics of interest from respected presenters from across the country. Includes the Anti-racism in Academic (ARiA) series. Or check out the Online Teaching Pathway that features an excellent, structured and self-paced learning opportunity that is free to members.
  • REPORTS and the Quick Polls to try to learn how higher ed is responding to specific emerging topics. Their reports capture trends, attitudes, and opinions of students, professors, and others in higher ed. This can help you connect experiences to data or make evidence-based decisions in your course design. The EDUCAUSE 2022 Student Technology Report: Supporting the Whole Student  was just released and more about that is below, as just one example!
The Teaching and Learning Orientation suggestions can help you discover more about how you can benefit from EDUCAUSE resources and participate in their activities!

How do I claim my EDUCAUSE membership?

To access member benefits,  simply sign up and create your member profile with EDUCAUSE.

From the main EDUCAUSE website, click on “Become a Member” in the upper right menu and scroll to the very bottom where it says “Log in or create a profile.”

You can also start from the Member page to see member benefits. Remember, this is an organizational membership so it does not cost you anything! As an organizational membership, you simply need to connect your signup to Mt. San Antonio College.

To do this, fill out the profile and when signing up, start typing “Mt. San Antonio College” in the field called “Organization.” When Mt. San Antonio college pops up as an option, select it from the drop-down menu of member colleges. Use your Mt. SAC email address in the form. These choices allow EDUCAUSE to review your application and confirm your membership through the college.



  • Students liked early nudge programs and rated them as very useful
  • Half of students reporting a disability in the study did not register with DSPS for accommodations.
  • Students connect to an average of 2 devices a day
  • The majority of students prefer face-to-face classes

Here’s a link to the Student Technology Report Infographic with other highlights. This is but one example of the most recent report from EDUCAUSE on teaching and learning.

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This year, I am serving as the EDUCAUSE ambassador for Mt. SAC. If you have questions related to our college’s membership in EDUCAUSE, please let me know!

Michelle Newhart,, 909-274-5020

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