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Can I show a movie in my online class?

Every so often, we get this question. Perhaps more people wonder about this, especially in the online environment. When I say movies, I’m not talking about the videos you created or freely available stuff on the open web from sites like YouTube,, or Vimeo, etc. (though I’ll talk about that toward the end so…Continue Reading Can I show a movie in my online class?

PDF + Accessibility = Frustration

The Equation Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash You value student equity; you’ve learned about the principles of creating accessible content for your online courses; you understand that the Canvas accessibility checker will not check files that you add to your course; you’ve spent the time to make your documents, slides, and spreadsheets accessible; and you’ve…Continue Reading PDF + Accessibility = Frustration

SPOT Training: What is the SPOT Pre-Check? And how do I pass it?

This guest post is by Mt. SAC’s Assistant Distance Learning Coordinator,  Catherine McKee.  As the Assistance Distance Learning Coordinator at Mt. SAC, I facilitate SPOT (Skills and Pedagogy for Online Teaching), Mt. SAC’s certification process for professors planning to teach courses online at our college. If you have signed up for SPOT or you are interested in completing…Continue Reading SPOT Training: What is the SPOT Pre-Check? And how do I pass it?

Self-Help Advice that WORKS!

People will often times tell me that I am a “great resource”. Whether directly, or through appreciative comments, such as “Wow! You always have the answers to my questions!”. It is a very kind thing to hear, yes, but it is also very important that I bring myself down to Earth for a moment and…Continue Reading Self-Help Advice that WORKS!

Orienting Your Students to Online Learning

Your course design can orient students to online learning  Even though fall courses have begun, the job of orienting students to learning online takes ongoing effort. Good course design that is easy to navigate can improve student retention and success. Here are some suggestions on how to build orienting elements into your courses.   Orienting…Continue Reading Orienting Your Students to Online Learning

Introducing FCLT News Bytes!

Welcome to our blog! Here on FCLT News Bytes, we’ll share “byte”-sized posts to help you improve course design, discover features in Canvas, explore instructional technology tools, and find resources to support your teaching whether it’s in person, hybrid, or online! You can see our blog posts several ways: subscribe (in the footer) to get…Continue Reading Introducing FCLT News Bytes!